Stopping a service within Lidarr container to fix database malformed per instructions?

I’m trying to follow the instructions for recovering a corrupt Lidarr database per the Servarr wiki. The Linuxserver container runs on Unraid.I can open a console into the container (docker exec lidarr).

However, I’m not sure how to stop the application. I see that the Linuxserver image is built off Alpine but when I try “rc-service lidarr stop’ it says ‘rc-service not found’. Likewise if I try systemctl or just stop. What should I be entering to start and stop services?

And any additional advice for recovering the database?

Edit: Nevermind I’m an idiot. The instructions should be followed outside of the docker container. Although I’d still like to learn how to stop services in these containers.

We don’t support running manual commands inside the containers unless we ask you to.