Strange, redundant pihole entry


See also attached image:
I have a strange swag entry referring to pihole on port 80.
The pihole container is indeed installed on the same system as the swag container - both are running with the host adapter.

However, pihole has port 88 attached to it via the env settings.

Where does this entry come from? Anybody?

With warm regards - Will


Try docker exec swag ping pihole, if it responds then there’s something there

Yes - it is - looks like a glitch within swag.

If the pihole docker container is started with the host network and the host part of the container config is set to pihole, then somehow this pops up within swag.

This assumption is based on the nginx process allocating port 80. While the pihole lighttp allocates port 88. The latter is set with an env variable.

Any idea where is is coming from?

If it answers to ping it’s unrelated to swag, probably setting the host to pihole causes it

But this is the host parameter within the Docker settings of Swag - not at the underlying OS.

At the underlying OS (i.e. Debian) the file /etc/hostname says only morpheus.
Dito for the file /etc/hosts.

How would you explain this?
Perhaps a Docker issue? Something that then pops up @ Swag?

SWAG doesn’t know what’s a container and what’s not, it gets a reply from pihole so it shows it