Suggestion for Docker linuxserver/Calibre-Web

Hello. I have a suggestion for the developers of Calibre Docker. I use the linuxserver/calibre-web version on openmedivault 4. Everything works fine. Now to my suggestion.
Under the heading Browsing are different tabs, where I have a tab missing or at least deserved a change. These are books sorted. Here could be an entry called Unassigned Books. It makes sense if I put a book in my bookshelf, that it no longer appears in Unassigned Books. Then I would have a perfect overview and know immediately which books I have not sorted yet. With several hundred books one easily loses the overview.

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If the post does not belong here, please pass it on.
I would like to apologize for mistakes in the translation. I use Google translator.

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We don’t develop the software ourselves, we only package it into a container. I would report this feedback upstream at: