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I have installed Dashboard mod for swag, but I got a 504 timeout. As told in this topic, I delete the /config/log/nginx/access.log and it works. But, as the log file is going heavier each day, the time to load page is longer and longer, till a new 504 error. So, does someone know a way to solve this ?

  • OS/docker info : OMV 6.9.12-2 (Shaitan); docker-ce 5:25.0.1-1~debian.11~bullseye
  • Hardware : Raspberry Pi 4
  • Container logs : nothing unusual

the latest swag image resolves the issue with logrotate not handling access.log and error.log, have you updated?

Yes, I update it regularly, in portainer I have : org.opencontainers.image.version : 2.8.0-ls271.

Current is: 2.8.0-ls274

Also note, We do not support nor recommend portainer: LinuxServer Support Policy -

Ok, I note it. Thanks anyway. Iā€™m updating it and I will see.

Besides, is there a post which explain why portainer is not recommended ?

This is a copy/pasta from our discord:

Portainer Support
We recommend using Docker Compose to manage containers instead of Portainer

Please provide screenshots of your container configuration from Portainer and/or your stack configuration as appropriate so that we can try and assist you. In addition please provide details of your hardware and OS, Docker version, as well as any container or application logs (please use Hastebin or similar for these).

Portainer has many issues which make it hard for us to support, such as:
Incorrect order of source and target of mounts
Inconsistent case-sensitivity
No automatically created custom networks for inter-container communication
Inconsistent compose implementations on different architectures
Pulls every tag on update when you don't set a specific tag
Capabilities are hidden and some don't work at all on ARM platforms
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