Support - Netbox container not starting correctly


I was running the Netbox image, with the ‘latest’ tag, today i’ve decided to update the container since i was in linuxserver/netbox:3.6.7 and the lastest is 3.7.1

The update went ok, but when the container started, it had no processes running on it, only the bash was running

Tried to debug for a while but no log from the container was found, then i rolledback from linuxserver/netbox:lastest to linuxserver/netbox:3.7.0 and then the container started okay

Please provide the following:

  • output of uname -mr && docker -v && docker compose version
  • Docker command or compose snippet
  • Container logs (which begin with our ascii logo)

Running on Rancher 1.6 (Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS - Docker Version 20.10.18)

image: linuxserver/netbox:3.7.0
stdin_open: true
- netbox_vol:/config
tty: true
- 8000:8000/tcp
io.rancher.container.pull_image: always

  1. you have not followed the container readme at all, i suggest reading it and complying
  2. your docker version is from september of 2022, numerous bug fixes have released since then, i suggest using a currently supported version.
  3. we do not test on or support rancher

caveat to 1, you said it was working, that is fine, however, without you following our supported config, we can not offer support.