Swag-auto-proxy: How to support multiple instances of an image?

I’d like to be able to use swag-auto-proxy with multiple instances of the same docker image, such as multiple Sonarr and Radarr instances.

The documentation clearly states (and my observations corroborate) that the container name must match the prefix of the conf.sample file in order for the built-in conf files to be used. However, docker obviously won’t allow duplicate container names on the system. So then, how do I create two instances of Sonarr, one named sonarr and the other named sonarr_anime while still allowing both to utilize the premade conf files?

The one named sonarr will use the preset conf with the api bypass rules for auth and all that. For the other, you’ll have to define all the labels yourself just like any app we don’t have a preset conf for.

Thanks for your response. I am fully aware of the current configuration and solution. I’m asking specifically for a way to make the other one use preset conf. But I think your answer makes it apparent that such a solution doesn’t exist. Would it be unreasonable to have a swag_conf=sonarr setting to override the conf lookup behavior? If so I’m happy to contribute a PR.

I have submitted a pull request to support this change:

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