SWAG, CloudFlare and Zero Trust

Hi all,

I wanted to try this

But I can’t get the first example (using pwndrop) to work. When I start the container there’s some initial messages indicating that everythings fine - there’s no errors before I see

**** Cloudflared setup script done, exiting... ****

But then the log fills up with these three lines repeated

pwndrop  | 2022-11-05T22:32:35Z ERR Failed to serve quic connection error="Unauthorized: Failed to get tunnel" connIndex=0 ip=198.41.xxx.xxx
pwndrop  | 2022-11-05T22:32:35Z ERR Register tunnel error from server side error="Unauthorized: Failed to get tunnel" connIndex=0 ip=198.41.xxx.xxx
pwndrop  | 2022-11-05T22:32:35Z INF Retrying connection in up to 4s connIndex=0 ip=198.41.xxx.xxx

That error isn’t mentioned in these forums and Googling it hasn’t given me any clues. There is, however, a bit on Cloudflare’s website that implies tunnels don’t work like this anymore but I can’t find enough information to translate that in to something I make use of.

Can anyone point me to a solution?


Post your compose yaml and full container log. Likely there is an issue with your settings

The compose file is exactly the same as the one in the tutorial with the CF_* variables changed to be mine. And tunnelconfig.yml is the same with the hostname changed. I’m not going to post either of those for reasons of privacy but they are completely identical except as described.

Log files are here. Log files - Pastebin.com

As mentioned, once the Unauthorized: Failed to get tunnel line appears that’s all I get.

Aptalca isn’t a dentist, don’t make him pull teeth. Provide your compose

I’ve cancelled my monthly donation to LinuxServer because I didn’t realise I was funding people with a massive chip on their shoulders. I don’t know what you’re so angry about but I’ll find a different solution.

There was no anger from anyone here. You asked for help, we needed more information, you refused to provide it. That is your right, as is pulling your donation. Have a great day, I wish you luck in your future, though I suspect you may need to grow up a bit first.