SWAG DNS OVH - certificate

Dear Linuxserver team,

First thank you so much for all your work.

I would like to report a problem that I am facing.
I am tryying to set-up SWAG with DNS validation and ovh. And I got the problem describe on this link:

Swag report the same problem for dns validation :

TypeError: create_record() got an unexpected keyword argument 'type'

I tried the certbot-dns-ovh plugin without swag, I totally failed when installing the plugin with pip. But I installed the certbot-dns-ovh plugin with snap and it worked with the same config (same token from ovh). How did you set-up your docker image ? With pip or snap ?

Did you face anything with dns validation and ovh ?


see here: OVH DNS plugin broken in version 1.15 · Issue #121 · linuxserver/docker-swag · GitHub

Thank you,
I didn’t see that issue on github. I assume I just have to wait for the next version.