Swag Docker Install Setup Cloudflare Unraid Help

Hey im new to this community.Im Demon Warrior. I have installed unraid and i cant seem to get my reverse proxy working on my unraid system. Ive installed the correct nginx config. Im using my own domain. movies4you(dot)digital i will show screenshots below of my settings.
Swag Settings
Screenshots of Everything Sorry would only let me upload 2 screenshots

Cloudflare Settings external ip of home internet it blocked out. ie (7x.3xx.6xx.2x)

i have my namecheap domain pointed to cloudflares Nameservers.

i have also port forwarded (internal network ip for unraid)to
(internal unraid ip) to ext port 80 internal port 1880
(internal unraid ip) to ext port 443 interenal port 1443
also i have port fowarded
(internal unraid ip) to 80:80
(internal unraid ip) to 443:443
the log file says this
(Just an FYI I understand why you have a max of 2 links for new users and im assumin hosting them is expensive. But links i think you should b able to post atleast 4 especially since people troubleshooting will need to post multiple screenshots and when i tried to troubleshoot some server code in the document below it wouldnt post because in my logs it had a domain in it. Just saying if i wasnt traversed in using my resources i would have given up on gettting support)

There is an issue with your dns settings. Perhaps namecheap didn’t forward your name servers yet?

This should show your ip and the subdomain cnames: https://dnschecker.org/#A/movies4u.digital

so i am running openvpn on my unraid server. Do i need to disable it and then renable it. Is there a way to run my openvpn with my unraid server and still have my Reverse proxy running if so how? Because im pretty sure movies4you.digital is not resolving the to my regular external ip adress

It has nothing to do with openvpn

You have no A record for your domain and no CNAMEs for your subdomains on your dns

well when i checked the link sent it was showing a craplaod of ip adreses for movies4you.digital sorry could you explain what im looking for. I checked my external service ip and it says no dns found as well as no propegation but in my namecheap the dns has succesfully propegated over the last 2 days. Do i have to do anything in namecheap besides add the nameservers and configured DNSSEC. I do have an option on namecheap with this option. But i have no idea what to do with it.

would that picture above matter? If so it needs an ipv4 adress

ive already configured the nameserver below

i posted the screenshots of my cloudflare on google photos. They are configured but something between cloudflare and my domain will not propegate. Ive talked to namecheap they said it was propegated to cloudflare for the host. Do you have any ideas. this has literally been driving me bonkers for months. When i wiped my Desktop.

Anyone have any advice on what i can do or what may be configured wrong?