SWAG Fail2ban filter

i wanna make a jail for bitwarden, but when i try to change the bitwarden.conf, after a reboot from the docker my config is gone.
How can i make this, because the filter in my log is diffrent.

Create a new filter file.

then i need help for to filters
First Nov 1 12:26:52 unraid Bitwarden[14867]: [2022-11-01 11:26:52.022][vaultwarden::api::identity][ERROR] Username or password is incorrect. Try again. IP: 192.168.xxx.xxx. Username: hfhrzfh@dhezfhf.fde.
Nov 1 12:40:22 unraid Bitwarden[14867]: [2022-11-01 11:40:22.793][vaultwarden::api::admin][ERROR] Invalid admin token. IP: 192.168.xxx.xxx


vaultwarden’s wiki has documentation for using fail2ban with it. fail2ban filters, in general, are heavily documented. You need to ask specific questions. All you did was say you need help and paste a log snip… this isn’t a hand-holding service here, we will assist you once you show what you have done

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