SWAG for dedicated Game Servers

Hi Guys,

I’ve got docker running via OMV and have setup a SWAG container with ports 443 and 80 being redirected successfully. What I’m trying to do now is set things up so that I can use a domain from Duckdns to expose a dedicated game server I have running in another container. Both SWAG and the Game Server are in the same bridge network. When I try setting up a domain to externally connect to the server, the conf file I setup seems to work, but I’m getting a 502 response caused by the connection being refused. I have verified that the game server is up and running as I can browse to it via IP on my local network, so it works and is reachable. Looking through google for similar situations it seems to be hinted that I need to configure nginx to pass traffic to the game server via udp, instead of http.

Can anyone tell me if it’s possible with SWAG to setup UDP stream and if so help me out with an example conf?

Never mind. I’ve done more digging and a bit more troubleshooting and figured out that I don’t think it can be done this way and also unrelated but the lack of NAT support on my router means I can’t do what I was intending anyway.

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