SWAG - FOSS alternative to cloudflare for domain and subdomain for

Hi to all out there!

I am begginer to the self host world so forgive me for the errors in questionings.
Please correct if I am wrong but I has seen that on the github page for SWAG that I cannot encrypt both domain and the subdomain using duckdns at once, is there a work around?
Like for example using two SWAG containers at the same time, 1 for the domain encrypting and 1 for subdomain encrypting.

If their is no work around is there a FOSS alternative to cloudflare that I can use instead?

Thanks for the help in advance!

What we recommend is, getting a wildcard cert for a duckdns domain and then instead of using the naked domain blah.duckdns.org, using www.blah.duckdns.org. You can even set up a redirect from naked to www.

Hello and thanks for the response,

What would you do for getting the wildcard certificates?

Thank you for your helping on the topic, it means allot!

I don’t follow

Aha my fault, I have seen all you need is do set variable for subdomain to wildcard.
Thank you for your help.