SWAG: how to set certbot parameters from env?


Is there a way to set ENV variables used by certbot, like for example


used inside dns-conf/cloudflare.ini, or maybe certbot’s



The way i’m using my docker-compose.yml setup is i’m also using a .env file, which docker-compose picks automatically if it’s in the same folder.

So i would like to pass that dns_cloudflare_api_token value in my .env file, instea of having to manually edit the certbot cloudflare config.

Is there a way to achieve this?

No, there isn’t. Certbot relies on the ini files for credentials.

thanks for answering, @alpaca ( autocomplete doesnt work… reads again the username… hold on, your name is not alpaca) @aptalca :^),

so i guess this should be a feature request for certbot?

If so, please close this thread and i’ll check how to do that.
Thank you :slight_smile: