Swag in open media vault on Rpi4

Hello LSIO world!
I would like to setup a swag"home server" on a Rpi4 in open media vault NAS?
Could I create a “multicontainer swag” yaml file?
Could I manipulate different containers with maria dbases i.e. wordpress, nextcloud in the same swag yaml file?
(Level: beginner)
Thanks in advance!

Yes. See here: Docker Compose - LinuxServer.io

Thanks @aptalca for your response.
I really appreciate your great work.
I suppose my answer exists in your suggestion: Docker Compose - LinuxServer.io
But my question is: only a single maria db for services, or one maria db for wordpress, and another one for nextcloud, etc?

This all comes down to personal preference. My self, I run 1 database server per host and have multiple applications using it.

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That’s up to you. On my server, I do separate mariadb instances for each service that needs it. But on an rpi4, resources are more limited, so you might want to run one mariadb for both.

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Thanks @j0nnymoe !
Thanks @aptalca !
How to define db password db User db name, in a single dbase instance with multiple services?

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