SWAG Mod: Crowdsec bouncer marked as inactive?

Hey all,

I asked this question 3 days ago in the GH Mods issues area, but it’s a ghost town, so hoping I can get some help here?

Rather than crosspost, I’ll just link to the issue: Crowdsec bouncer marked as inactive? · Issue #373 · linuxserver/docker-mods · GitHub

All help so much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Yep saw the message come through, though I don’t agree waiting 2/3 days means it’s a ghost town.

We’re an open source volunteer group who do this in their spare time. We don’t provide any SLA’s and it’s all best effort, most of the time we’re able to deal with issues that come in quickly but some do get missed.

Now with that out the way, I’ll comment on the issue itself.

@j0nnymoe Understood. :slight_smile: It’s the usual open-source mantra; “we’re volunteers, and don’t owe you jack sh*t”. (Of which I’ve also contributed to open source, and also live by the same mantra). When I call it a ghost town, I’m not saying it as if I’m owed anything; I’m saying it as if it appears I may never get an answer, or at least one in a time frame where I can finish up what I’m working on, rather than say, a year later when a random visitor stumbles upon the same issue and finds it in a search, and then answers.

That aside, when one is actively working on something (especially security related) and trying to get it finished and over with, after already waiting 2 days with no ability to look into a crystal ball to see whether a question will ever get answered, exactly how long would you say it’s fair to call it a ghost town? Seven days? 2 weeks? a Month? :smile:

Anyway, thank you for the answer. :slight_smile:

Github issues is not for chatting or for quick support requests. It’s for qualified bug reports.

If you want quick answers or to chat, our discord is your best bet.

@aptalca Gotcha. From now on I’ll go straight to Discord.

For the record, I had sort of assumed that adding the mod as described in the docs to the container, and then having the official crowdsec site show it (basically) as not working; was a qualified bug report. :slight_smile: