SWAG on Qnap Container Station not working

Hi All,

I am trying to get the SWAG docker to run on my QNAP Container Station. But I am having some issues. The container starts and then give’s a error: crontab: can’t open ‘/config/crontabs/abc’: Permission denied.

Then the container stops.

Anyone any idea wat is going on?

Thanks for any help!


The config:

ls -asnl /Container/SWAG do you see 1000:1000?

@driz Yeah I just figured out what I was doing wrong. I had the docker running with 1000:1000. Created a separate account and gave it access and not its working.

Thanks for the response!

to be clear, it is NOT working or did you mean is NOW working?

It is working now! Wauw that was a bad typo in my last response haha.

all good! take care :slight_smile: