SWAG reverse proxy setting question

There has a kind of scenario, I have 3 docker applications behind the SWAG reverse proxy, each docker application have different port.

I have added a network setting in docker-compose file to make sure all docker applications in a same docker network(Included SWAG). at the same time, the SWAG docker-compose file looks like below:
image: linuxserver/swag
container_name: swag
- PUID=1xxx #change PUID if needed
- PGID=1xxx #change PGID if needed
- TZ=xxxx # change Time Zone if needed
- URL=xxxxxx #insert your domain name - yourdomain.url
- SUBDOMAINS=wildcard
- VALIDATION=duckdns

  - ./appdata/letsencrypt:/config  #/srv/dev-disk-by-label-disk1 needs to be adjusted
  - 433:443 #Nextcloud
  - 235:235 #wikijs
  - 334:334 #xxx

But when I tried to access it from address xxx:235/wikijs. it report access denied. it looks like it is not work like this.

I read again about page: SWAG setup - LinuxServer.io
but there is no sample for more than one application with different ports.
It is appreciate if you could give me some advice about it, thanks!

No, you don’t access anything through a different port. Everything is accessed through the main domain at port 443 (default https port). Nginx serves or reverse proxies different things based on the request address (subdomain or subfolder), not the port.

I suggest you read the guide again as it makes clear what addresses are used.

Hi, aptalca, thanks for your reply!

I misunderstand the define to reverse proxy, it should only works on http 80 and https 443(Could self define port forward), it redirect to other application according to subfolder or subdomain, thanks for your clarification!
Today I tried some and it’s works!