SWAG, reverse proxy to other Docker containers + other initial setup questions


I’m confused how I might implement SWAG, instead of my current Nginx setup.

3 specific use cases.

1. Reverse proxy to other Docker containers

Let’s say I have 2 containers: app1 and app2

I want

  • app1 to be reached by domain(dot)com
  • app2 by app2.domain(dot)com

How might I setup a separate SWAG container to reverse proxy to these Docker containers?

2. Adding new sub domains.

How might I later add a new container app3 reverse proxied from a new subdomain app3.domain(dot)com

3. 2x top level domains

I currently have domain1(dot)com and domain2(dot)com on the same server. Would I need 2 instances of SWAG to handle this?

Many thanks, looking forward to getting this implemented. As a new user, I’m not allowed to insert multiple links, so apologise for the (dot)s!