Swag server is not working

hello, I state that I am new to docker but I’m having problems trying to configure nextcloud with docker on my raspberry pi 3 to create a nas server. I am following this video tutorial: https:///www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIhA4RcP4Ug&t=739s
I can not access the page of Swag as at 12:40 minute, on portainer seems to work, the status of the server “Swag” is:running. On the raspberry I have installed Open media vault.

A few notes

  1. we dont know what that youtube video is, we didn’t make it. Our guide for SWAG is here SWAG setup - LinuxServer.io
  2. We do not support or recommend using portainer to deploy containers unless you’re a top level expert
  3. At the top of the nextcloud.subdomain.conf file are requirements you must complete to reverse proxy nextcloud
  4. since you’re on a pi3, i should also note that if the output of docker version shows linux/arm our containers will no longer be updated for your 32bit platform. Formatting and installing 64bit raspberry pi os and then following the debian instructions for installing docker are the only way to resolve that (that I know of)