SWAG: Split certificate into one file per domain?


I just got swag running via docker compose on my server and it successfully fetches the certs from letsencrypt.

All the certificates are in one file though, named after my main “URL” property. Is there a way to have multiple files? Perhaps one per domain? This would make giving each “consumer” application only the certificates it needs to know about much easier.


It would break a lot of our automation and would make the barrier of entry much higher for non-advanced nginx users, thereby significantly increasing the support burden for our small team.

No, it’s not possible currently and not planned either.

What you can do instead is, let SWAG manage just the cert for your main domain only. And you can get separate LEt’s Encrypt certs for whatever other addresses you want to split out, manage those certs manually and map them into the container to any path you like. Then you can refer to those certs in the various proxy confs.

Thank you for the clarification of the architecture and plan :slight_smile:

I’ll dig a bit more into my requirements then.