SWAG + Traccar SMS Gateway Server

Hello together,

Some time ago I found the free app “Traccar SMS Gateway Server” for Android. With it, SMS can be sent via HTTP request. Traccar SMS Gateway for Android - Traccar

The requests are sent in the form:

Authorisation: XXXXXXXX
Host: IP
Content-Type: application/json
Content-Length: 43

{"to": "phone",
"message": "Content"}

Unfortunately, I am not able to integrate the interface into SWAG. I suspect that the header is not being transferred correctly, or something similar. In any case, I only get a white page when I call it up.

Maybe someone has an idea. Thanks in advance.

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this is not something we’ll be likely to support you with. I would suggest popping into discord and joining #other-support to see if anyone has any thoughts on this.

I solved this problem. That was my mistake. Port 80 was not routed via SWAG. I had taken it out months ago for test purposes.

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