Switch from all-in-one Unifi image with embedded mongodb to new image that requires separate mongo container?

On a Synology NAS, I am running a Unifi controller based on the jacobalberty/unifi image which is self-contained and has its own mongo instance.

I want to upgrade to v8.2.93 of the controller using the LSIO image, but am stuck because of mongo.

Does anyone know of a method to get the current mongo db out of the old container and split off into its own self-contained instance that I can connect to the LSIO version? I really don’t want to rebuild my Unifi setup from scratch! Sorry if I’ve missed something obvious…

The simplest approach is to take a backup of your current install from the Unifi webui, then stand up a new install and import the backup during the setup process.

Thanks. I dug some more and found this section of the README that points to the same. Figured that was going to be the case. I’ll give it a try!