Syncthing container - how to add custom CA SSL root certificates?

Hi – I’ve briefly looked at your syncthing container and it looks like some work was put into it – so nice work on the contributors.

I currently have syncthing running natively on VM.

I have my own openldap docker container which I use for authentication. With my current syncthing setup (running within UbuntuVM), I needed to add my self signed SSL CA authority certificate. I’m using self-signed certificates because in other applications, I ideally want to use client/server certificates and LE for example doesn’t issue client certificates. I’d like to have syncthing authenticate using ldap. I have a working setup with syncthing installed natively within UbuntuVM which authenticates against ldap, however I’d like to mimic this authentication scheme within a container if possible.

I’ve taken a look at the syncthing container linuxserver has produced. Although its not totally clear based on the the Dockerfile, it looks like alpine is being used as the base image. If wanting to add my own CA root certificates, I’m assuming I create a dockerfile – using your container as a base, and then go through the process of adding root certificates into alpine??? – to be clear I have to look up the exact procedure for alpine however I’ve done this with Ubuntu and Arch linux and although the two processes were slightly different they achieved the same endpoint. Skimming some examples it appears the process is going to be very similar to what was done with ubuntu. Looking at the env variables and such it doesn’t appear there is a direct method of adding root certificates into the container.

Thanks for any advice you have.