Syncthing Docker on Unraid all-SSD-NAS

I’m planning to install the Linuxserver Syncthing Docker on a LincStation N1. On advice from Lime management, I’m running this NAS with a dummy Unraid array consisting of a single small capacity USB stick which remains unused for storage and is mostly unmounted. This is because of the unsuitability of Unraid’s parity checking for solid state devices, an issue I understand will be addressed in future operating system updates.

I’ll need to run up the dummy array to allow the installation of the Docker, of course, but I’m looking to install the Docker instead on a 2TB unassigned SSD, mounted as /mnt/disks/OWC. Directories appdata and system on this disc are ready to receive the SyncThing Docker but I’m not clear how to insure that the installation lands it there.

Advice would be very welcome.