Synology DMS 7 Docker-OMBI weird issue creating the container

I am running a DS1019+ and have a number of dockers installed. I installed OMBI and had it up and running but wanted to completely reinstall it. So I deleted the container, the folder on the NAS and then recreated it. The container starts and runs and looks like it is working and I see folders and files in the /config mapped to /volume1/docker/ombi/ folder but I do not see the /app folder. If I try and hit the web site it does not load either. I mapped the port to 32338 external and internal to 5000. The last time this happened I left everything for about a week and tried again and it worked with out issue. It seems like Docker still thinks the container exists and is holding something behind. I did restart Docker, I even restarted the NAS and still the issue persists. If it was permissions I would think nothing would be created in the NAS docker folder.