Synology-Docker Calibre-Web Covers

First let’s start with the good: The container and app work like a charm. I was able to move over my existing Calibre library, contents, meta-data with zero problems. Running the container on my Synology DS1618+ is a dream.

The question: When adding books into the library there is no-auto cover generator, Calibre desktop would grab the first page of the file and use that as a cover…this worked great when adding comics onto the comic server. Regular books is not a big deal as I can pull info and covers from the net. There any way to get the auto- cover function back?

can’t you just click edit book, then click get metadata, which tends to include a cover?

for regular books that works great, comics not so much.

makes sense, i think there’s actually something similar to calibre-web specifically for comics. either way, i do not think anyone has made a plugin for auto-cover for calibre-web. you could always run calibre in addition to calibre-web