Synology domoticz port and network problem in docker


Have a synology nas and want to move my 1 year old domoticz into docker.
The old domoticz use 8084 port and https 8443
When I set up this:

docker create --name=domoticz --net=host -v /volume1/docker/domoticz/:/config -e TZ=Europe/Budapest -p 1443:1443 -p 6144:6144 -p 8084:8084 -p8443:8443 linuxserver/domoticz

The docker not use this ports because of this: --net=host and the domoticz page reach on ip:8080
But it isn’t good for me, because I use Adguard in docker and that is use this port too and can’t run together. How can I change this 8080 port to 8084 and 1443 to 8443 like the old domoticz use what I used without docker?
If I use bridge mode I can change the port but lot of things on my network (xiaomi gateway, Denon music player, Broadlink etc) can’t connect to my domoticz. How can I solve this problem?

Can’t you just change adguards ports?
I don’t see an easy way to change the ports if you have to use host network.

You can add the -www option to the run file, but that is lost on updates, so then you need to read the Customizing our containers blog on

Changed the adguard ports, but have another problem now. Cant foward the 8080 port because my router settings page use this 8080 port too to reach from internet.
For me is better use the bridge mode and change the port what I want but how can I setup the domoticz and docker to see my things on my network?

You don’t need to use port 8080 from outside. You can port forward 23894 to domoticz 8080.
I would suggest you set up a reverse proxy using our let’s Encrypt container instead of opening up ports for all services you want to reach outside your LAN.

Ok, no problem. My last question is: can I install this plugin in docker for domoticz ?