Tags for Prowlarr are wrong

I use CI/CD pipelines to automate my container updates and most of these work fine. I use semver ranges to ensure I don’t get a breaking update for most things.

For the LSIO prowlarr docker container though, there are a few version tags that are wrong for whatever reason. The latest stable version of prowlarr that exists is

I don’t know if at some point they might have been upstream prowlarr issues or if something else has gone wrong but here are some examples:

1.8.1259, 1.7.1209, 1.6.1196.

All of these tags show up as valid semantic versions and when sorted in ascending order, 1.8.1259 obviously appears to be the most up to date. The problem is all of these examples should actually have a “0.” At the start as they were all development versions from over a year ago.

I know it’s probably bad to delete tags in case people are using them, but can an exception be made in this case to tidy up these old development versions?

Also apologies for the Sonarr tag on this topic but for some reason I can’t choose the correct one and I have to pick one to post.

We don’t support or promote semver tags and we don’t support or recommend semver based update methods

The correct ones are semver though. That doesn’t make sense.

What an infuriating line of responses in that GitHub issue. I agree, those tags aren’t consistent with what the upstream versions are. They should be deleted. It’s much worse practice to keep them there.

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