Taisun VDI | Nodes | Can they exist? | Other stuff too


So… I was able to get my VDI environment up and running.

  1. I don’t see Desktop Builder button. Not critical, but wanted to see how this worked.
  2. Is it possible to run the environment in multiple nodes? If I had 3 servers that I want to share workload, is that possible? More for fun as well as thinking of a design for a well known non-profit.
  3. Such a cool and easy implementation so far. Digging in, I see it can get extremely complex.
  4. Oh yeah, new to containers more or less.

Honestly the VDI stuff is meant for server management, the emphasis of Taisun is managing a single home server.

That is not to say you cannot share links to VDI infra, just that it is missing core components needed for a shared env.

  • There is no user management, desktops are spun up as abc/taisun
  • There is no authentication mechanisms
  • It listens on port 3000 along with the Taisun Web interface which is essentially like root access to your server (Taisun also has no baked in authentication)

I make Taisun with a specific use in mind as it is a side project for how I want to manage my home servers and a couple of my buddies use it. For me and my friends it is to run a Download automation stack and Plex.
The remote access stuff I created to get into my home network from the Gateway application which does have auth in front of it.

I guess this is a long way of saying the application is not designed for what you have in mind for a use case. That is not to say Docker enterprise VDI with Gaucamole server could not be a thing, but it would likely be a branch of off this application, with stuff like LDAP integration etc etc.

Thanks for the info and clarifying.

I really think you have a great potential container manager & VDI product on your hands. If you added a few things like LDAP authentication or something, I know several non-profits and small businesses who could use a VDI type of system like this.

Side question. If I install some network tools in a session, how can I restart the session?