Text editor in Plex image

This could sound stupid but I can’t find any text editor installed in the Plex image,
and I can’t install one either, being not available in the default sources, and I can’t edit the apt.sources.
No vi vim ne nano micro etc…
Thank you

Why do you need to edit apt.sources?

apt install package

though once you do this, you’re not likely to get support from us any longer

Sorry I wasn’t clear enough.
I need to edit a Plex configuration file and I can’t find any editor in the image (vim or nano or else).
I can’t even find any editor in the default repositories (apt-cache search vim, for example), that’s why I wanted to add a repository, just to be able to install an editor.

Is there a default text editor in the Plex image?
Thanks again

All user and data files are in the config folder, which we recommend bind mounting to host. You should be able to edit them directly on the host and restart the container.

Yep, got it. Thank you

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