Thelounge - Settings are lost on browser restart

I’m using thelounge in a Docker container on my Synology nas. I always want to stay connected to an IRC chat, however every time when I close my internet browser everything is gone.
There are 7 other Linuxserver containers running on my NAS, never had any problem with them.

I did map docker/configs/thelounge to /config and I added the right TZ, PGID and PUID. Changing the default value’s in the config file already made my life a bit easier but I would like to have all IRC servers to be persistent.

Value’s that I changed in the config file outside of the container:

	defaults: {
		name: "Freenode",
		host: "",
		port: 6697,
		password: "",
		tls: true,
		rejectUnauthorized: true,
		nick: "thelounge%%",
		username: "thelounge",
		realname: "The Lounge User",
		join: "#thelounge",

Thanks in advance!