Timezone Settings

So I’ve finally got Linuxserver Nextcloud 100% where I want it… even finally figured out getting Collabora working perfectly. Now my issue is the Timezone settings. I’m in Indianapolis, IN… which is US/Eastern

In my docker-compose file I set TZ=US/Eastern… but whenever I click on the calendar, it tells me my timezone is not correct and it’s falling back to UTC. When I configure the weather app on the main page, it also shows the wrong time. When I click on my Settings/Profile and scroll down to Locale, it shows my proper time. If I bash into the nextcloud container and use the “date” command, it shows the proper time.

Am I missing something?

I’ve also tried binding /etc/localtime, and that didn’t work either.

FWIW, the upstream project agreed with us that the /etc/localtime needs to be added in, i dont use nextcloud so can’t comment on the calendar thing.

However for weather, keep in mind the weather is upcoming, not current, so you generally will not see current time, though if your whole system has fallen back to UTC this could affect weather forecasts, as expected.

it looks like the official forums have users suggesting pulling in /etc/localtime as well.

Have you tried


Instead of that US/Eastern? Let me know what you get with that.