Tracker HTTP response 0 (No Response) in Transmission 4.0.3

Hi, i was happy user of Transmission 4.0.3 on my Synology 923+ for long time, since two image updates ago. Before i had 8000+ active torrents and no single error with seeding or downloading.

Now i get alot of Tracker HTTP response 0 (No Response) on both downloads and seeding torrents. Also many downloading torrent hangs for few hours with Idle status. Im using private tracker and torrents work fine in other client.

Ports are open and i haven’t change any settings. Only updated the image.

Any suggestions ?

Sad to see no answer on this. I’m having the exact same issue and not finding any resolution. It’s really killing my reputation.

Please provide (both of you)
the output of uname -mr && docker version && docker compose version
full container logs (they begin with our ascii logo)

I fix it for myself by deleting transmission completely from docker and installing everything fresh. Few updates later AND still works fine. Transmission 4.0.3 6b0e49bbb2