TRANSMISSION ERROR: Unable to save resume file: No space left on device (3)

Hi,there are errors in my transmission on UNRAID that say "Unable to save resume file: No space left on device (3)". I dont know what happened. Can anyone give me some help and Thanks.

Hi, I believe you may have run out of space.

NO. I have much more space

Based on the provided information, I can only surmise you have run out of space. If you would like to provide further information, my opinion might change.

docker logs, compose or docker run snippet, output of df -h, etc

note: if you’re not using compose, you can provide a link to screenshots showing your envvars, volumes, etc

Is your docker.img full?

also,the errors led the stop of all PTs

but my docker is very small.

Hi,thanks for your reply. I found the reason. I added my 2nd disk to the array when the space of 1st disk out of but all the resume files are written to 1st disk. There is no appdata folder in 2nd disk. So, there are no space for the files.
Maybe,this is a Bug of UNRAID or apps.

Thanks for your reply. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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