Transmission/ Sonarr Permissions

Im having a lot of problems with permissions on my NAS in regards with transmission and Sonarr.

When transmission downloads a file it does not move it the “download” location i selected or typed, it stays on a folder inside appdata with random numbers and letters as a foldername.

Checked the logs of transmission and it says

[2020-07-29 00:34:25.618] “FIlename.mp4” error moving “/downloads/incomplete/FIlename.mp4” to "/mnt/mt0/Media/Torrents/“FIlename.mp4"”: Unable to create directory for new file: Permission denied

can someone help of point me in the right direction.

wild guess, i think there’s a permission problem with your /mnt/mt0/Media/Torrents location :slight_smile:
I’m assuming it’s a remote mount and you have not properly configured permissions. I would suggest reading up on how to handle permissions on remote mounts, keep in mind, your transmisison is accessing/moving those files as whatever uid/gid combo you set it up to use.

I would suggest trying our discord to get some help, sadly, discourse is NOT very active and you will likely be waiting a long time for help here since samba/nfs mounts are not within our scope. If you pop into discord and ask in #other-support, you might get some help much quicker.