Transmission Web UI not responding


First of all, awesome job!

I started using the transmission container yesterday and I have an issue with the web UI:
After some time (les than an hour) it stops responding and gets stucked loading with no response, not even an error.

I think transmission is running because on my tracker control panel I see the torrents as “active”, but I don’t know how to check the global torrent status through the transmission cli or the web service status.

In the logs I see some errors at startup, but I think there are not realted with my issue:

[2021-09-06 08:54:38.648] web will verify tracker certs using envvar CURL_CA_BUNDLE: none (/home/buildozer/aports/community/transmission/src/transmission-3.00/libtransmission/web.c:455)
[2021-09-06 08:54:38.648] web NB: this only works if you built against libcurl with openssl or gnutls, NOT nss (/home/buildozer/aports/community/transmission/src/transmission-3.00/libtransmission/web.c:457)
[2021-09-06 08:54:38.648] web NB: invalid certs will show up as 'Could not connect to tracker' like many other errors (/home/buildozer/aports/community/transmission/src/transmission-3.00/libtransmission/web.c:458)
[2021-09-06 08:54:39.649] Port Forwarding State changed from "Starting" to "???" (/home/buildozer/aports/community/transmission/src/transmission-3.00/libtransmission/port-forwarding.c:106)
[2021-09-06 08:54:42.644] Couldn't connect socket 68 to 2a0c:5a80:3501:b600:211:32ff:feea:78d7, port 16881 (errno 99 - Address not available) (/home/buildozer/aports/community/transmission/src/transmission-3.00/libtransmission/net.c:339)
[2021-09-06 08:55:39.646] *blank* State changed from "Incomplete" to "Complete" (/home/buildozer/aports/community/transmission/src/transmission-3.00/libtransmission/torrent.c:2302)```

My docker-compose.yml file:

version: '2.1'
    container_name: transmission
      - PUID=1000
      - PGID=1000
      - TZ=Europe/Madrid
      - TRANSMISSION_WEB_HOME=/combustion-release/ #optional
      - USER=gurnisson #optional
      - PASS=pass_here #optional
      - /home/vicente/transmission/config:/config
      - /mnt/multimedia/descargas:/downloads
      - /mnt/multimedia:/multimedia
      - /mnt/multimedia/torrent:/watch
      - 9091:9091
      - 51413:51413
      - 51413:51413/udp
    restart: unless-stopped

I didn’t find any related info anywhere, and I don’t know if it’s a transmission problem or a container problem (or config). Sorry if it’s already been covered.


Edited your post for containing name of copyrighted material.

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Ouch! Sorry for the inconvenience, I didn’t think about the copyrighted names

I’m experiencing this same issue. Have you managed to find a solution?

Thinking about switching to qBitorrent.

how are you trying to access the webui? do you have a whitelist enabled?

@melotic I did nothing and it didn’t occur anymore after few days from posting this.

The only thing I changed was the default user/pass access, but it should not affect…I think.

@driz at least in my case no whitelist applied, and the issue came randomly and went if I restarted the container. I access through local network: :port/gui

interesting, thanks for the update!

can you share some information on your config? what does your docker run or compose look like? do you have whitelists enabled? how are you accessing (should be http://:9091