Trouble with volume mapping in emby due to whitespaces

Hi all,

I have a Raspberry Pi 4 with Kodi running where my media is stored on external USB drives and wanted to run the emby server via docker as well. So I installed docker in Kodi and then your emby server via your repo which all worked fine until I ran into a problem with the volume mapping.

While trying to map a volume via the “Additional docker parameters” I couldn’t get it to work and the emby server didn’t even start at all. After quite a bit of trial & error I came the conclusion that whitespaces seem to be problem, so looking at emby’s settings.xml my question is:

This works:

< setting id=“V_data_movies”>/var/media/Pi-HDD 1/Movies/

while this doesn’t:

< setting id=“E_additional”>-v /var/media/Pi-HDD 1/Movies:/data/movies

My only experience with Linux is coming from my Pi with Kodi, before that I have only ever worked with Windows and whitespaces are not really a problem there (that’s why my setup unfortunately contains quite a few of them). I have done a bit of research on how to escape the whitespace but to no avail, no matter what combination of ', " or \ I used I never got emby to start and have the volume correctly mapped.

What I would like to know now is if there is a way to correctly escape that whitespace in the additional parameters line or if there is an easy way to have more than just the two default mapping options. Thanks!