TT-RSS - Can't link database through environmental variables

Using the tt-rss container and also a postgres container inside docker-compose. Unable to specify database information through the environmental variables correctly - always displays Exception while creating PDO object:could not find driver on the first page you navigate to for both Postgres (preferable) and maria. I waited until the logs confirmed the container had completed before navigating to the page. Set up without environmental variables, manually typing in on install works fine.

However this compose file gives errors, I believe it is failing to build the config.php file correctly as you can see the following line in the logs

tt-rss | DB_TYPE set, injecting env variables into config.php
tt-rss | Creating config.php from the dist file
tt-rss | ln: failed to create symbolic link ‘/var/www/html/config.php’: File exists

I’m fairly new to Docker, I can’t see any Dockerfile on the Docker Hub page for me to manually modify this to fix - is there anything I can do to resolve this a different way?

I would suggest starting with a fresh /config folder and removing the variables and just using it as is. As noted in the readme, those variables are for users that already have a database endpoint setup and are creating a fresh instance.

Please note if you use this method you need to have an already initialized database endpoint.

Completely missed that line every time I read through somehow, thank you!