TvHeadend armhf image not starting after launch

Trying to use this image on rpi4, it starts but it’s not initializing, I can’t any error in the logs, but I’m unable to reach the GUI it always times out, also CPU is always at 100%.

docker run -d
-e PUID=1000
-e PGID=1000
-e TZ=Europe/London
-p 9981:9981
-p 9982:9982
-v “$(pwd)/tvheadend/config/:/config”
-v “$(pwd)/tvheadend/recordings/:/recordings”
–restart unless-stopped

Image sha256:c26d84cd4654c79bd86c779417948e49b95681bced9fa51203b0ef6e2eeb4b38

Why are you specifying the arch in the repo line? You just need and docker will pull the correct image for your arch.

Thanks for your answer,
did try that as well, I got the same image. Just happened to report that after lots of testing.

I got it running with this old one: lsioarmhf/tvheadend:release-4.2