Tvheadend fritz dvb-c multi-ip


i’m new to docker but going to love it, but got a problem i would need your help :wink:

Debian 10 with OMV5
Docker + Portainer
tvheadend container
TV Hardware is a ÁVM Fritz!Repeater DVB-C

That Repeater offer 2 tuner, but only one / ip and thats my problem.
to get both tuner working, i need a 2nd IP from my Routers subnet.

i already changed from host mode to macVlan - tvh is accessible with the given IP from that vlan and works great (on only one tuner)
so how can i set an additional ip alias from that vlan to the container?

many thanks :wink:

Sorry, but I don’t understand the need for two IP addresse. Why is it needed?

cause the amv Fritz dvb-c let me only access one of its 2 tuners - to access the 2nd tuner i need a 2nd IP address … is a stupid limit given by avm - but i can’t change that. :wink:

You have to tell me how this box works, as I don’t understand German.
How is it connected to tvheadend?

In firstway its a WiFi repeater
You can connect to the dvb-c cable net and the repeater convert it to satip.

Connection to tvh runs only over network

Nothing we can do if the box needs to connect from two different IPs to use both tuners.
Might be possible to use minisatip to get this working?
If not, you have to figure out a way to set two IPs on one container and how to tell tvheadend to use both interfaces.

yeah, thats my question … how to set 2 IPs to the container …

Have you tried Google?

i’m not 16, yes for sure i ask google, i also don’t try since yesterday to get it working, also have posts in omv forum and tvh forum - maybe i don’t search the right keywords, but if it would be so easy i haven’t to ask here in a forum with lots of docker experience.

What you’re trying to do with docker is pretty niche. I would read the docker documentation so if it’s possible.

I told you to try Google as I don’t know how to give the container two IPs and I’m not going to figure it out for you.

yeah thats right -.-
but like i say at the beginning, i’m new to docker and hope to finde someone here with more skill :slight_smile:

what will happen if my host system got 2 IP addresses and i rebinde the tvh docker with host mode - can the docker access both host ip’s?

@saarg, is ok, but, sry m8, after around 1 week of google “multi ip docker” or “additional ip to docker” or something like that - it would not be a tip to say “ask google”. thats a forum, if someone got a question and i think i can help, i will try, else i just go to next. really - “ask google” is just a post to collect points. if you would say ask google for “…” and give a good string that can help - ok! … my point of view.

To be honest, no idea, afaik docker will only use your main IP for the host but beyond that, I’ve never had a new to look into it.

I dug into this a bit earlier and barring an IP on 2 different subnets, I did not see a way to assign 2 interfaces in a single network. You can manually assign the secondary ip, but you would need to manually create all the iptables rules and re-add the secondary IP every time.

if different networks doesn’t matter, just put it in two networks in your compose.

also: saarg doesnt need to “collect points” he is an LSIO member; i googled and found all the info i just posted.