TVHeadend NVENC support

Could you please build the TVHeadend container with NVENC (and if supported, NVDEC)?

The functionality is there in TVHeadend compilation, just not included in the container by default.

I have tried to enable it, but it didn’t work. Not sure why, but it might have been a library location issue with alpine or tvheadend. I gave up and haven’t looked at it again.

hello, nvidia drivers need glibc to work, maybe this is why it fails.
you can find glibc for alpine here GitHub - sgerrand/alpine-pkg-glibc: A glibc compatibility layer package for Alpine Linux
i found this tutorial here Arto's Notes re: CUDA but its outdated.
i shared my nvidia card with same way like on plex (with extra parameter --runtime=nvidia and the variable NVIDIA_VISIBLE_DEVICES with the uuid)
so after installed the glibc on your alpine docker, i was able to run nvidia-smi, without them now device found.

i am not a dev, but maybe it could help? idk

The problem is that the alpine ffmpeg package has not been built with nvenc support:

Can’t this container be built on ubuntu like jellyfin or plex?