UMASK seems to be ignored

I’m using -e UMASK=002 but running umask in the container still reports 0022.
As a result downloaded dirs are getting drwxr-xr-x and files are getting -rw-r--r--.
I know this has been a bug before but I can’t find anyone else having this issue atm.

you can set the umask value inside the container manually by adding a line like umask 002 to your shell profile (e.g., .bashrc, .zshrc, etc.). This will ensure that any new files and directories created inside the container have the correct permissions.

It’s worth noting that setting a permissive umask value like 002 can have security implications, as it allows group and other users to write to files and directories created by the container. You should carefully consider whether this is an acceptable risk for your use case.

Thanks for the reply.

I’m the only user since this is just a NAS on my LAN, and the samba shares do require logging in, so I don’t think I need to be worried.

I posted this after getting a permission error trying to edit or delete a downloaded file, or adding a file to a torrent’s directory, through a samba share, and I assumed 002 was the only way to prevent that. Strangely today I am once again able to edit and delete files with -rw-r--r-- permissions, etc., and I have no clue why… (If you have an idea please tell me, I clearly don’t know much about this.)

Also strange is that new downloads since making this post are getting -rw-rw-r-- even though umask still says 0022, so I guess that was just a wrong way to check and -e UMASK is in fact working properly.
When I noticed the issue I was still using UMASK_SET instead of UMASK and linuxserver/qbittorrent instead of, so I guess one of those changes did the trick.
Sorry for wasting your time, I should’ve just tested by downloading something.

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