Un-Deprecate nzbget or start a new one?

Hi lsio team - while the original nzbget was deprecated by its dev, it has also been forked and is mostly in the same state except for some fixes. Can the lsio image be taken out of deprecation (or a new one started) using the new github repo? (GitHub - nzbget-ng/nzbget: Efficient Usenet Downloader).

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You’re not really making a strong case for it to be honest.

All I’m seeing is a random user forking it, merging all the pending PRs and adding a few more commits. Then nothing in over 2 months.

We have no plans for either option at the moment. Most people seem to have moved onto other projects at this point.

That’s a fair point, and I don’t disagree there isn’t much there - but what is there is resolving some existing bugs from the state the original dev left it in, and a significant quality of life improvement regarding surgical fixes to accomodate the intentially-malformed ‘wtf’ NZB headers, which result in the infamous ‘abc.xyz’ file names which is something I run into a lot. I was hoping resurrecting something would be possible, as I’m a huge fan of lsio containers. I’m not proficient enough to do it myself. I’ll certainly look into other options (though SAB isn’t really a good one for me, I’ve always had poor luck with it). Thank you for consideration regardless.

To clarify, we didn’t deprecate it because of the bugs you mentioned. We deprecated it because the maintainer deprecated the upstream project. The bugs being fixed is of little to no significance.

We would consider picking up a forked project as a new image, if and only if it demonstrates that it is active and well maintained (with a track record), and it reaches a high enough trust level. At this point the project you linked fails to meet those criteria.

I am aware lsio deprecated because the project was deprecated.

I also understand lsio’s position and hope this fork gets to the point of meeting that criteria.

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