Unban from Discord Server

A few days ago, my account was blocked and it started to send spam server invites to most of the servers I am a part of. Most of them just muted me and their bot sent me a notification to fix the issue. LSIO, on the other hand, was more aggressive and banned my account right away. I fixed the issue since then but I cannot rejoin the LSIO server anymore. I have been trying to find a way to contact any of the mods there but this forum seems to be the only channel that I can use to reach out to the mods.

Can you please help me out here? Thanks. My username is kevindd992002 in Discord.

Please try again. I attempted an unban

All good now. Thanks for the help!

hopefully you have figured out how to properly take care of your account and possibly learned that nitro invites are not legit. You get one pass, use it well!