UniFi container out of date

Currently the UniFi container has version 5.6.40 and is updates 6 months ago. 5.6.42 is the current version for the 5.6.x branch. Will get this container get an update to the latest 5.6.x version or is there an future upgrade to 5.10.x branch?

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Thanks, that explains a lot!

Is there a schedule for 5.12.x

5.12.22 was released 2 weeks ago 10/25/19,
‘latest’ was updated 4 days ago 11/4/19, with 5.11.50 from 10/4/19

I’ve only just migrated to the docker version, so was curious to see if there’s any issues with the new updates. are there plans to add 5.11/5.12 tags if there’s arm64 deps that also need to be sync’d.

From memory, Java and MongoDB are big holdups on LTS/version/compatibility.

Our container is up to date in respect to their apt repo.
We monitor this endpoint http://dl-origin.ubnt.com/unifi/debian/dists/stable/ubiquiti/binary-amd64/Packages so once 5.12 is listed here, our containers will pickup the package.

Ubiquiti have a track record of releasing updates and then pulling them days later which have stung us in the past.

5.12 is currently release candidate, not stable which is why our container hasn’t been updated yet.

Hey @toliman !

I successfully installed 5.12.22 building the git sources.

git clone https://github.com/linuxserver/docker-unifi-controller.git
cd docker-unifi-controller

Then edit the file Dockerfile to replace UNIFI_VERSION with hard-coded 5.12.22 as:

curl -o /tmp/unifi.deb -L "https://dl.ui.com/unifi/5.12.22/unifi_sysvinit_all.deb"

And then build them:

docker build --no-cache --pull -t linuxserver/unifi-controller:latest .

We really don’t recommend this approach. Why not just wait for the branch to go stable?