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I installed the unifi-controller image and started the container via the docker-compose file. When connecting to the Web GUI (either 8443, or 8080) the wizzard starts but I am not able to log in. I tried ubnt/ubnt and root/ubnt as user/password combinations.
When looking at the logs, everything seems ok, no errors no warnings.
Any ideas?

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There is no default username/password set for this container, it’s done during the initial wizard setup. Make sure you aren’t loading any previous data.

But the button ‘Next’ is not clickable until user and password were filled. When moving the focus from the form fields without entering values I also get the error message ‘Username cannot be empty’ and ‘Password cannot be empty’ respectively.

sounds like you had existing content in your config directory? a clean install will not do this that I have seen. I can try spinning one up after work today to test.

Sorry, my mistake, I missed the ‘Advanced Setup’ link. When disabling SSO one can define user and password.

ahh in that case, probably not your mistake, SSO wasn’t previously on by default so we may need to address this in the readme. Thanks for pointing it out.

To clarify, you clicked advanced settings, disabled SSO (is this hidden anywhere or obvious in location?), and then created a local username and password?

It is obvious. I had to deselect both options named ‘Enable Remote Access’ and ‘Use your Ubiquiti account for local access’.

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That must be new. When I set mine up, it made you set it up with a local account first. Then you could link it to a cloud account, which was optional. I guess now they’re pushing cloud accounts first.

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