Unifi-Controller not working when exposed to public IP

Ok so there is very weird issue.
When i create new docker container and set network to macvlan then:

  1. im able to ping container with own public IP
  2. when scanning port using nmap it shows basic one (8080m 8433 etc.)
  3. cannot telnet any services on any port
  4. cannot access web interface
  5. in log there is nothing :confused:

I have set on macvlan other containers and they working perfect but this one is not :confused:

Hello, we do not offer any support for running our unifi-controller via macvlan. You MAY be able to seek assistance on discord in our #other-support channel. I run my unifi-controller in bridge mode (as recommended) and am able to provide service to my various customers via public IP without issue. I strongly encourage you to follow our guidance and use our containers in a supported manner.