Unifi keeps logging out, stun broken after moving docker container

Moved a bunch of docker containers from old system to my new system. Most of them were LinuxServer dockers. All of them appear to be working fine except the unifi controller. I copied over the data folder and then recreated the docker container and pointed it to the data folder. Nearly every few clicks it logs me out of the server. On top of that the STUN port seems to be reporting it cant connect to my AP internally on the LAN however external devices over the WAN report no stun issues. It’s be rough trouble shooting the stun issue when I have to log in hundreds of times. So I’d like to try to solve both issues but I assume I did something wrong here.

ok I solved the login issues. I built a fresh docker instance and uploaded my unifi config. I also force reprovisioned the AP again and no luck with the stun port issue.