Unifi-network-application: how-to change the e-mail address of admin

Dear All,
I am running a self hosted unifi-network-application version 8.1.113 within a docker environment. The setup I have done with a restore from a unify controller version 8.0.24
So far everything is running fine. But unfortunately the e-mail address of admin is overwritten at the restore process and I am not able to change it. More, the configured e-mail does not exist anymore.
Any idea how-to change the e-mail ? Probably with any command line tools ( mongosh ?? )

// Hans

This would be something to ask unifi, but as you surmise, it’s probably in the database somewhere

Thanks for this reply. Maybe just for others I found a solution:

In the first step I created a new account but this didn’t help.

Later I realised there are two interfaces. And I was on the “New” interface. So I switched to the “Legacy” interface. And there I was able to change the e-mail address. Obviously somethin forgotten in the new one.

Kind regards


Unfortunately, unifi does this a lot, forgetting features in the new UI :frowning: glad you got it sorted

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