Unifi-network-application not listening on port 8080 (API)

Unifi network version 8.0.7
Docker version 24.0.7 on debian 12, using docker-compose
Image: lscr.io/linuxserver/unifi-network-application:latest

Hi all,
API on port tcp 8080 does not work, nothing is listening.
Admin web management port tcp 8443: working OK
UDP ports 3478 and 10001 also working OK
Nothing interesting in logs.
Help would be apreciated !

Solved !
It was a mix with internal ports (in the container) and exposed port (accessible on the host).
It seems file system.properties with device inform unifi.http.port=8080 is not always taken into account. May be some config are written in DB because the container does not reflect what is in the file system.properties. Anyway it works now.